We are currently setting up our winter training program. We would like to get leadership established for all 4 Major Teams at this time. The winter program is usually a combination of open major team practices for all major players or aspiring major players as well as age group clinics.

We recruit for Managers (head coach) in the Minors and Majors each year. The Major Teams stay together from year to year so the Managers from the previous year are usually renewed given their demonstrated ability in the year(s) prior.

This year we have Manager openings on 3 Major teams. Dean Mayencourt from the Reds and Sam Baines from the Cards have both moved on with their son’s aged out of Little League. Also, Bill Beckett has retired from the Dodgers.

With that in mind we are canvassing for Managers and Coaches. Usually Managers are selected and then they recruit their coaches or pick them from their existing team parents and through the draft.

Manager applications are not made for a particular team. Usually we keep returning Managers on the team they had the year before.

There is some consideration that needs to be given to redrafting the major division to ensure ongoing parody.  That has not been decided at this time.

If you are interested in Managing a team, please forward your application to Mark Deshane whalleyllvp@shaw.ca.   If you know someone from outside the league who may also be interested, please pass on my message.


Mark Deshane – Vice-President, Whalley Little Leaugue

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