When:  Sunday December 4th Meet at 4pm

We have over 60 kids signed up to particpate! Organizing this number may take some time and present some challenges so please have your kids there on time. The entrance opens at 3pm if you wish to come early but please make sure to be there by 4pm. After 4:30 the organizer will close the entrance and no further admittance will be permitted.


The entrance will be off of 176th street on 62nd avenue (see map) If you will be dropping your child off  please do so at the Fire Lane (will be marked upon entrance) and make sure your child knows we have been assigned lane #9. We will have a Whalley Volunteer in the Fire Lane area to direct children as well. After the drop off you will be able to exit through a marked exit. You must sign your child in at the time of drop off with a Whalley Volunteer who will be stationed at the designated drop off point. If you will be staying/marching/participating free parking will be available in the Cloverdale Recreation Center and BC Vintage Trucking Museum. Please note: There will be no exit/entrance permitted from these parking lots during the parade. At the end of parade, please do not take your child without signing them out. This will allow us to account for all children involved in the parade.



Parade Useful Information

Parade Rules:

We've been told the real Santa Claus will be at the parade, to avoid confusion a parade rule is that no one else is to be dressed as Santa, there can only be one.

Some of the older kids will be handing out candy canes and flyers to the crowd. A strict parade rule is that candy canes or anything else must not be thrown at the crowd, items must be handed to crowd members. If your child is 10 years or old please make sure they are aware of this requirement.

Dress Code:

Forecast shows it will be cold and possibly snowing. The route is 1.8km so please make sure kids are appropriately equipped with jackets/toques/gloves as necessary and proper footwear for the trek.  We encourage all kids who have existing Whalley uniforms/hats to wear them and show their Whalley pride. If possible have them wearing Whalley gear over jakcets/toques etc. Do not dress kids in baseball pants, have them leg wear suitable for weather. No baseball gloves or baseball bats will be permitted for the march.

Parade Etiquette:

There will be lots of kids and lots going on so the kids will naturally be excited. It is important to remind them they will be ambassadors for Whalley Little League so model citizen behaviour is required. Also since Santa will be there, he will undoubtedly be watching and making notes for his list.

Parade Contact:

If on the night of the parade you need to make emergency contact the following board members can be contacted:

Clint Stewart: 604-354-1458

Rob Dhasi: 778-235-8137

Parade Format

The below cartoon illustrates the format we will be using for the parade. The total distance of the route will be 1.8km. We'd like to provide a fun and safe evening for everyone involved. To help in planning please fill out the form below.


Please indicate your current preference. We won't hold it against you if you change your mind later, it is only to assist in planning.


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