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2023 Major Tryouts/Minor Evaluations Information

Mark your calendar for Saturday February 11th, 2023

This message is for all players, league ages 9 thru 12, who were not previously assigned to a Major Division team. League age is based on 2023 league age which is the player’s age as of August 31, 2023.

  • 9 years of age will start at 9am
  • 10 years of age will start at 10:30am
  • 11 years of age will start at 12pm
  • 12 years of age will start at 1:30pm

The above timings may change, please make sure to check closer to the day for any updated times.

The player evaluations are scheduled for Saturday, February 11th. Players are to show up to the rookie diamond if the weather is good, or the Little League batting cage if not. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your age groups start time.

This is a try out for the major division and an evaluation for the minor division teams. All players, no matter what skill level, must attend so that coaches can form balanced teams. Players must be registered to be evaluated. Only players who attend this evaluation are eligible to be drafted to the major division*.

Players will be asked to throw, field ground balls and fly balls, and some basic athletics including running. Please wear a long sleeve shirt and hoodie if you have it. We also ask that players bring both runners and cleats as we will likely be evaluating indoors and outdoors. Players should also bring masks and their own hand sanitizer.

* the major division includes ages 10 to 12 and the occasional nine-year-old.

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