Volunteer Requirements

Thank you for being a part of our baseball League!  Whalley Little League (WLL) is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organization that provides an excellent baseball program for kids between the ages of 4-18, and without our volunteers, there is no League.  This sheet will provide you with information regarding your volunteer requirement.


Each family of all players in ALL divisions of the League is expected to provide a $100 volunteer deposit cheque for each player (max of 2*). Once the family has had a person age 16 or over complete a three-hour volunteer assignment (maintenance, work party, or concession shift) for each player, the cheque will be destroyed. If the volunteer assignment is not completed by the end of the regular season, the $100 volunteer deposit cheque will be cashed by the League.

Please make your volunteer deposit cheque:

Payable to Whalley Little League, post-dated to June 1 of the current year, and add your player's full name on front of the cheques


Volunteer cheques will be collected by your team organizers (Team Manager/Coach or Team Parent). No team will receive their set of uniforms until ALL of their volunteer deposits are received from the team. All deposit cheques will be handed-in to the League on a uniform distribution date (date to be determined prior to the start of the regular season). Uniforms will be distributed once all volunteer deposits are received.


Each player must have a person over age 16 or over complete a three hour volunteer assignment, either a concession shift, maintenance assignment or maintenance work party. Families with more than two registered players are only required to complete two mandatory volunteer assignments (however additional help is always appreciated but not required). Families are also expected to assist during games with tasks such as field set-up and take down, scorekeeping, pitch count etc. This is not included in the mandatory volunteer requirement.  Board of Directors or Coaches that are also parents of players will also be required to fulfill a volunteer assignment.


Volunteers must provide a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice once signed-up for a volunteer activity; failing to provide 24 hour- notice will result in the volunteer deposit being cashed by the League. If you need to cancel your volunteer assignment, please remove your name from the signup website.

Thank you for your time and dedication to making Whalley Little League a successful organization and for players to learn the great game of baseball!

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About Whalley Little League

Whalley Little League exists to provide the youth of our community with an affordable opportunity to learn excellent baseball skills in a fun, healthy, environment and to develop the three attributes of Little League’s Motto: Character, Courage, and Loyalty; to also understand an individual’s contribution to a team, to value healthy competition, and to respect the game and all its participants. Our goal is that these values and attributes will extend in to the lives of our players beyond baseball.

It is our vision that we will continue to inspire pride in every player, parent, and volunteer for being part of a continuing tradition that has made us the most successful Little League in Canada since 1956.

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